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Writer, TV Producer/Director, Digital Creator. (Discovery Channel, HGTV, The CBC, Elle Canada, The Toronto Star, and US Weekly.) Although I'm an award-winning journalist who has shot stories around the world, nothing gives me more joy than taking photos in my local stomping ground, “The Rouge” and turning them into illustrative art. I love sharing stories and images with my community along with free and paid resources to help others break the chains of the 9-to-5 hamster wheel to achieve a life they love. Check out my previous posts but keep in mind that only subscribers get access to my occasional gifts which aren't posted below - so sign up to receive my daily newsletter!

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My Christmas Market Paper Pack on sale + silly snafus & housekeeping

Hi Reader,​Happy Wednesday! Is it just me or has this week really flown by?​I wanted to quickly update you on links as I've had a few readers reach out over the last few days with issues related to their bonuses.​Just a reminder that if you're trying to purchase something that you've see in my newsletter, it's best to do it from a desktop rather than a phone or an iPad as Apple doesn't allow for links to be tracked. ​I've included more detailed info on bonuses at the bottom of this...
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2 days ago • 32 min read

Sunday night roundup - Deals, steals and freebies ending

Hi Reader,​How has your weekend been so far?​Today I visited three different local Christmas markets which might be my favorite thing to do around this time of year. I LOVE seeing cool, new products that have been created by local artisans.​I'll share more of the goodies I bought with you soon but want this to be a quick one so you can enjoy what's left of your weekend. LAST DAY: 60% OFF STORE CLOSING​​Today is the last day to take advantage of Sheila from Pretty Printables closing sale. ...
5 days ago • 28 min read

🌞 Want a FREE year of this membership? Open up before the sun rises.

Hi Reader, In case you missed my email from earlier today, I'm just popping in to remind you that Angela Wills has a fantastic Black Friday promotion on her membership, Email Practice Club which ends tonight.​​​If you're interested in starting a newsletter, or could use some help zhuzhing up the one you currently send, if you sign up for an annual membership, you immediately get two months FREE. ​On top of that, Angela is adding a special Black Friday bonus that includes $200 in Course...
7 days ago • 3 min read

Things I learned on the way to see the moon + Hours left to grab these amazing memberships on sale

Rouge marsh after sundown Hi Reader,​I was looking at some of the other photos I took during my "moon strikeout" a few nights ago. If you didn't read that post, this is where I didn't see the moon rising until we were leaving and it was way up in the sky. 😆​You may think I'm complaining or feel that these outings are a waste of time since the end result wasn't achieved, but that's really not the case. ​You see, I love the entire experience of going down to check out the moon. Mind you, it's...
7 days ago • 33 min read

The moon waits for no one (And neither do these memberships) 😆

Last night down at the lake Hi Reader,​Well, last night's moon trek was a bust. Sorta kinda. 😆​I got down to the beach about five minutes late (as per usual) and didn't really beat myself up over it since there didn't seem to be a moon anywhere on the horizon. ​The photo above makes it look like there was some light in the sky, but that wasn't the case. It was pitch black and the wind was whipping up a storm. Brrrr. It was cold. I still feel chilled.​I think my moon buddy has abandoned me...
8 days ago • 37 min read

Your Biz Badass on tap - but only until Friday + Last minute Cyber Sale on until midnight tonight

Hi Reader, I just got in from a walk down at the lake to check out the moon and I'm chilled to the bone.​Brrr. It was a cold one today. I was out for a walk in the morning and did another one tonight to go and spy the moon and my brain literally feels like it's frozen. Oh, and I can't feel my face. 🥶​I need to go sit by the fire and thaw out for what feels like, about five years so I'll tell you all about my moon trek tomorrow.​These shorter days, with the sun setting before 5 pm, is really...
9 days ago • 31 min read

The best Black Friday deal of 2023 WHICH I ALMOST MISSED 😨

Last month's "Hunter's Moon" Hi Reader, Yesterday I was hoping to get down to the lake to catch the full moon. This month, it's the Beaver Moon and I missed my usual pre-full moon nights leading up to seeing it, as the weather hasn't been cooperating and there hasn't been anything to see.​I'm not sure if it's because of how busy this weekend has been with my birthday celebrations, the Black Friday craziness, or all the rich foods I've been eating but when the main event started last...
10 days ago • 35 min read

Cyber Shenanigans: The Reprieve. These FREE goodies fly away tonight (for realz) 🐦

Hey Reader, I'm just popping in to remind you that Lynette's No Spend Black Friday Giveaway is coming to an end tonight at midnight PST. (in just a little under 24 hours!)​Sign up now and receive exclusive access to 27 premium products worth hundreds of dollars – absolutely free. ​My contribution to the event is the Christmas Cardinals Advent Collection. If you've already purchased this collection previously, it's still worth signing up to get your hands on the brand new product I have for...
10 days ago • 1 min read

Cyber Monday Steals + The skinny on Mall Santas

Hi Reader, How was your weekend? Have you been surviving the onslaught of deals coming your way? 😆​Last night, I switched up my extended birthday plans at the last minute. Originally I was set to go to dinner with my hubby at our favorite upscale Mexican restaurant but instead, I went to a tree lighting ceremony with a friend. There were fireworks, vendors and yummy treats to explore. ​I mean, how could I resist sparkly lights, shopping, and delicious food? I could have dragged my husband...
11 days ago • 48 min read
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