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😎 Almost mooned + Last day for $1k of free resources

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Hi Reader,
How has your week been so far? Did you check out the eclipse on Monday? The forecast was pretty grim as the skies were completely overcast but we decided to head to the Toronto Zoo. That way, if we saw nothing, we could at least enjoy checking out the animals and having other things to do besides staring at a thick blanket of gray.
Luckily, there were a few moments with some fleeting breaks in the clouds where we actually were treated to glimpses of the eclipse. What made it more fun was all the screaming children who would shout, "I see it! I see it!" It was almost like having an alarm that would prompt us to know when to look up so we didn't have to keep our neck craned.
Sadly, I didn't end up taking any amazing photos. I did get one shot of the sun peeking out for a moment (but not during the eclipse.) It's honestly not even worth sharing.
However, my friend's son, Eric who lives in Texas shot these gorgeous photos of the entire sequence of the whole eclipse. Amazing right?

We didn't get treated to anything of the sort but enjoyed watching the skies get very dark during the peak of the eclipse which was a wonderfully weird experience. The funny thing? The clouds completely parted and the sun shone for the rest of the day less than two hours later.

Here's a shot taken of me down at the beach afterwards looking at the sun through my eclipse glasses (after the fact.) 🀣


Today is the last day to sign up for Cecilie's 2nd Annual Spring Happiness Giveaway which was created to add a little joy to our lives.

This giveaway is totally free and features 33 different products (both personal and commercial use) valued at more than $1000!
My contribution is the ​Bee-lieve in Yourself" Watercolor Paper Pack​ (with bonus flower stickers!)

This is a collection that has never been offered for free before so grab it while you can!
The only catch? You'll need to sign up for my collection, along with all the goodies you want in this bundle, by April 11th. Then you'll have until tomorrow (the 12th) to grab everything you want.

If you're tired of having to sign up for items individually, Cecilie has created the Fast Track Pass for $9 which is super convenient considering all the time and energy you'll save. ​
When you purchase this pass, you'll get ALL of the products delivered in one single .zip file. You'll only need to sign up once and you'll get access to everything.
Remember - don't wait on this one as it won't be available tomorrow!

✨ BONUS - If you purchase the $9 Fast Pass, I'll gift you this gorgeous 8 piece set of Clip Art containing eight stunning Magnolia watercolor flowers! These come as individually pre-cropped PNG's with transparent backgrounds. You'll also receive commercial usage! This has a value of $17 - which is almost double the cost of the Fast Pass! I will email you (at the address you signed up using) with your download link after April 12th.


My friend Michelle Rohr is back with a gorgeous new product called the Blog Post Template Kit featuring 50 stunning image templates.
Michelle created the Blog Post Template Kit for herself after finding that it was taking too long to create attractive Pinterest-friendly graphics for her blog posts. She decided to create 50 different designs to pick and choose from and offer it to her rabidly obsessed fans!

Now you can get your hands on the same templates she uses. These will save you a ton of time and get eyes on your blog.
Right now, you can grab this kit for $30.

✨BONUS - If you purchase Michelle's new Blog Template Kit, choose a deluxe bonus from my bonus page.



After a little break, Fran from the Happy Journals is back with The Sleep Journal PLR Pack, featuring a bundle of incredible content that will effortlessly guide you and/or your customers towards a blissful night's sleep.
Right now you can get your hands on this item in three ways:

Option One - The Sleep Journal PLR Bundle - $37 gets you: 21 Journal Templates, A 298 Page Digital Journal, 5 Checklists, 50 Journal Prompts, A PLR License And All Fonts Used

Option Two - The Sleep Tracker Spreadsheet (GS) - $17 gets you: 7-8 tab Full Google Sheets Tool, Pre-Written Instructions For Your Customers, A Mini Sleep Tracker Guide, A PLR License

Option Three - All of the above for $50
Use coupon code SLEEP35 to take 35% off any option you choose.

Please note: The main Sleep Journal Bundle was featured in Ruthie's Low Content Bundle in January. The Sleep Tracker Spreadsheet was Fran's affiliate bonus for that bundle. So if you bought Ruthie's bundle or through Fran, you already own this in some form.
This sale is on until Friday, April 19th at 2 pm EST. (Note the early time!)

✨ BONUS - If you buy Fran's new kit, for Option 1: choose a deluxe bonus. Option 2: Regular bonus. Option 3: 2 deluxe bonuses from my bonus page.



If you have Thrivecart of have already purchased it and aren't using it to its fullest potential, Dama Jue has just opened up her new program!
​Move to Thrivecart is a must-join 12-week group program designed to help you migrate to and/or finally set up your Thrivecart with everything you'll need to set up funnels (sales pages, bumps, upsells) courses in Learn, and an awesome affiliate program.

With a step-by-step action plan, access to all her Thrivecart courses, weekly 1:1 support, bonus live workshops, and weekly live coaching calls, you'll never have to worry about getting stuck using Thrivecart and can enjoy a smooth user experience and a pain-free move if you're contemplating ditching much pricier software.

If you are...

Β· Sick of Teachable + Podia raising their rates AGAIN yet still having terrible sales page, bump, upsell and affiliate program capabilities

Β· Totally over the product/course # limitations / monthly cost of Kajabi, Karta, or SamCart

Β· Plain fed up by ClickFunnels changing their entire platform and kinda leaving you stuck holding the bag

Β· Not in love with your Wordpress or solution that sounded super promising but ended up lacking what you needed

Then this is the program for you!

This is an incredible opportunity to streamline your course business and prepare for the busiest week of the year. Don't miss out on the chance to leverage the power of Thrivecart.

✨ BONUS - If you pick up Dama Jue's program, I'll gift you either two 4o minute one-on-one sessions with me or two Voxer Days. If you decide you'd like to purchase Thrivecart through my link, I'll gift you two more sessions.
You can ask me anything biz related. I can help you with any newsletter-related questions you have, we can figure out any ideas you have for products, offers, courses. And don't forget I'm an award-winning writer/television producer by trade so I can also have a peek at any videos or messaging you have.
If you love the images I create, I can also show you my process for making images like the ones found in my paper packs so you can create beautiful, commercial free images that you can use and sell however you please.



Faith's 38th birthday is near the end of April and she has decided to offer a big sale on four of her premium courses throughout the month.

Every week, she will put up a $197 course for sale at ONLY $38!

​Video Creation 101 is probably one of the most comprehensive courses on video creation that will walk you through not just the tools Faith uses to create videos but also step by step lessons and pro tips on editing your videos and listing them on YouTube and various platforms to help you grow your business.

In the less than 3 years, Faith has created and sold over 60 courses as well as recorded over 1000s videos. She does the recording and editing all on her own.

On February 9, 2022, Faith started her YouTube channel and began monetizing her channel on 31 August 2022.

Her most watched video currently has over 380,000 thousand views and her channel has more than 22,500 subscribers.

In Video Creation 101, Faith shares tips on what has worked in helping to grow her YouTube channel, tips on SEO, as well as how she uses YouTube to grow her organic traffic and boost product sales!

Pick up this gem of a course until April 14th for only $38 with coupon code BDAYVID. (Regular Price: $197)

✨BONUS - If you sign up for Video 101 (make sure you see my name laramai at the bottom of the checkout page under affiliate) choose a deluxe bonus from my bonus page. Remember, my bonuses do not expire and I will be updating my bonus page soon.


Faith is back with her brand new Empowered Rejects 10-Day Transformation Program which promises you a transformational journey that requires you to face up to your past rejections, anxieties, and fears, turn around all the negativity, and unleash new-found powers that will help you build an online business that's unique, profitable, and wildly successful by your own terms. #notforthefainthearted

For a simple ONE-TIME FEE, you are getting access to:

1) Empowered Rejects 10-Day Transformation Program (Usual $100)

2) BONUS LIFETIME ACCESS to Empowered Rejects Facebook Community (Usual $109/y)

The Empowered Rejects 10-Day Transformation Program is for you if you:

  • have big dreams for building your online business but feel insecure and fearful about taking action
  • feel nobody understands or supports you in your online entrepreneurial journey
  • feel you are holding yourself back
  • feel you are not good enough
  • feel that you don't deserve a thriving and wildly successful online business
  • doubt your ability to build a profitable online business
  • have failed before in other online ventures and are afraid to try again
  • are frustrated at the speed of your business growth and wonder what is it that you aren't doing right
  • have taken many different courses that teach you how to build an online business but are still seeing no results (because at the heart of it, mindset is an issue that you haven't dealt with)
  • want to feel encouraged, supported, seen, and understood with your struggles in your entrepreneurial journey because it's just so hard to do it all alone

If you are finally ready to ditch all the negativity and feel EMPOWERED with the right mindset and practical tips to build a strong foundation for your business, hop onto Faith’s Empowered Rejects Program now!
Usual $209++

Early Bird Access at ONLY $100!*

*Offer only valid until 30 April 2024.

**Sign up by 14 April to receive a BONUS VIP Voxer Day worth $697 which you can redeem after completing our 10-Day Transformation Program to discuss with Faith 1-on-1 the next steps for growing your online business**

NOTE: You will get instant access to Empowered Rejects 10-Day Transformation Program. Faith's Empowered Rejects Facebook group will open by 30 April 2024.

✨BONUS - If you sign up for Faith's new program (make sure you see my name laramai at the bottom of the checkout page under affiliate) choose three deluxe bonuses from my bonus page.


Val over at Bundle Bash has kicked off her Template Extravaganza bundle and it's a good one!

Creating consistent content can be overwhelming. If you've ever struggled to stick with a content plan, this event is made for you. Bundle Bash has gathered over 20 templates, PLR, and DFY content from top creators to help you speed up your content creation, all while ensuring your unique voice shines through.

This is your chance to access resources designed to streamline your workflow and elevate your content.

From time-saving templates to comprehensive PLR packs, the Template Extravaganza offers everything you need to create high-quality content faster than ever before. Whether you're looking to enhance your blog, social media, or digital products, these resources will assist you in connecting with your community and delivering value to your audience, without the burnout.

List of Participants (with some standouts I've got my eye on.)

  1. Alice Seba & Yusef Kulan of EKit Hub - Fill-in-The-Blanks Templates for Journals, Planners, Worksheets, To-Do Lists & Checklists - $37
  2. Becky Beach of PLR Beach - Pretty Blossom Wedding Print Planner Bundle - $27
  3. Allison Hardy - Pitch Perfect - $97
  4. Christina Peterson of Passive Income Journeys - Healthy Habits Journal with commercial rights - $27
  5. Marta Suchomska - Lead Magnet Template - $27
  6. Jackie Ruggiero of Active Mom Printables - PLR Social Media Toolkit - $47
  7. Lori Winslow - Summer Activity Planner for Tweens - $27
  8. Dani Maxwell of Butterflies and Tulips - The Envelope Engineer: Building Better Email Campaigns - $47
  9. Mabel Vazquez of CloudtifulBiz - Cruise Planner Printable - Canva Templates - $27
  10. Carol Owens of Country Girl Creatives - Planner Made Simple Starter Templates - Canva Templates - $27
  11. Yael H Dubin of Bechira Coaching - Mindful Dating Profile Pack - $47
  12. Simone Obrie of Brand & Palms - The Canva Presentation Kit for Digital Shop Owners - $69
  13. Marcy Patterson of Mom's Digital Boutique - DFY Child's Mega Alphabet Tracing Working PLR - $27
  14. Brynn Gestewitz of Extraordinary Coaches - DFY 369 Manifestation Guided Journal (PLR) - $49
  15. Kate Riley of Niche Raiders - Niche in a Box: Affirmation Cards - $77
  16. Olivia Davis - PLR Canva Manifestation Digital Planner & Stickers Bundle - $27.99
  17. Julia Brown of Julia On Purpose - Notion Life and Business Planner - $27
  18. Angela Feser of Social Bliss Blueprint - Mock Up PLR Bundle - $27
  19. Christie Love Etter of Etter Creations - The Digital Shop Launchpad PLR Pack - $27
  20. Rebecca Brockman of That PLR Girl - Travel Fun Clipart Set - $27
  21. Mona Leboudy of The Action Alchemy Coaching - My Reading Journal: Build and Sustain Your Reading Habits - $29
  22. Shannon Gaither - Content Creation Editorial Calendar - Trello Board - $37
  23. Jenn Brockman of Passion for PLR - Inner Peace Content Kit - $27
  24. Richetta Blackmon of Virtually Splendid Marketing - Brand Boss Starter Funnel - $99
  25. Ruth Bowers - 20 Zen-Style Spring Coloring Pages - $27

Don't miss this opportunity to revolutionize your content creation strategy. Click below and be part of the content revolution today.
Grab all these goodies - regularly for $27 for only $17. (A value of $994+!) This bundle ends on April 14th.

✨ BONUS - If you purchase the Template Extravaganza bundle through my link, choose one deluxe bonus from my bonus page.
I'll also throw in two comic strip mockups I created in Canva which are perfect for making your own fun illustrative mockups like the ones shown below.

(Sample images not included. Personal use only.) This unique set of template mockups will be waiting for you in your Amember area after April 14th.


Mary Jo has just released her brand new Etsy Digital Products Shop Planner Template to help you navigate the ins and outs of selling or opening a shop on Etsy.
With Etsy on the verge of charging a $15 shop set-up fee, now is the perfect time to get in there beforehand to get the ball rolling.
This is more than just a planner. It’s a blueprint to Etsy success, designed for the unique challenges and opportunities of digital product selling.
Fully customizable in Canva, it comes with commercial rights, so you can create and sell your customized versions. And of course, use it yourself to grow your own Etsy business, too!

Right now, you can grab this workbook template for just $9. (Regularly $27) - a third of its regular price.
You'll also receive the option to add her Etsy Digital Mockups (Mint) $5 (reg $17.) Easily promote digital products on Etsy with these drag and drop 2000x2000px mockups.
This sale is on until April 13th.

✨BONUS - If you grab MaryJo's new planner choose a regular bonus from my bonus page. If you add her bump offer and upsell, grab a deluxe bonus instead.


Jenn from has a brand new product on sale in her store called the Self Discipline Content Kit.
Too many people will sit back and wish they had self-discipline as if it were a gift they might receive on their birthday.
This package includes:

  • AFFIRMATIONS - 30 affirmations to add to a journal or provide to your audience.
  • CANVA TEMPLATES - 10 different templates. Fully editable free in Canva.
  • PHOTOS - 4 links to photo sites with creative commons license.
  • EPIC BLOG POST- 3570-word blog post called "Self-Discipline Secrets"
  • SELF SURVEY - 10 questions or prompts to help your audience learn the benefits of self-discipline
  • SOCIAL MESSAGES - 35 messages taken from the blog posts to share on your social media accounts.

Customize and tailor the content to align with your unique journey. The user-friendly Canva template makes it easy to edit and adapt the kit to resonate with your personal style and voice.
Right now, you can grab this kit (regularly $27) for $10 off using ACTION until April 7th. Or join Jenn's amazing Content Creator's Library and download all the kits you can use for one low price.

✨ BONUS - If you buy Jenn's new kit, choose a regular bonus from my bonus page. If you opt for her Creator's Library instead, choose a one-time deluxe bonus.


​Coaching Without Calls Course + Live round!​
Angela Wills is running a flash sale on Coaching Without Calls AND she's also adding four live webinar trainings to her program!

This course has been getting lots of attention as people love the idea of not having to fill up their calendar with calls while still being able to coach!
You'll not only get the course for this but access to the live run as well. The dates for these are April 23rd, 26th, 30th and May 2nd at 11am ET.
Right now, you can take 50% off.

✨ BONUS - If you pick up Coaching without Calls you can take five deluxe bonuses.



Neha from Planner For All has created a brand new, exciting monthly membership called the Savvy Template Hub. If you love Neha's spreadsheets and can't resist snapping them up, this is the membership for you since it's specifically geared towards offering spreadsheets with commercial rights.

Every month you'll receive a new spreadsheet along with training on how to make your spreadsheet beautiful and completely unique. Plus she'll be throwing in extra goodies.
Get in now at the Founder's rate of $22 a month. You have until May 1st to get in at that deeply discounted rate, after which will then rise to $37.

And if you're an avid book lover, Neha is offering her brand new Reading Planner Spreadsheet which is perfect for anyone who loves curling up with a good book - and has a long list of books waiting in the wings!
This spreadsheet is not only designed to track your reading schedule, but can help plan your reading session, and has a handy virtual bookshelf to showcase up to 50 books.
With this spreadsheet, readers will be able to organize their reading experience and have more fun revisiting their past favorites. Whether they want to share a favorite quote, recommend a book, or see their rating on mass favorites, this spreadsheet has all the information in one place.
In easy-to-use Google Sheet format, you can easily sell these spreadsheets on marketplaces like Etsy for a premium price.

✨ BONUS - If you join Neha's membership, choose two (one-time) deluxe bonuses from my bonus page.



D'vorah Lansky, at Share Your Brilliance is having a 50% off Workshop Special.

From now until the end of April, you can choose from over 20 of her Content Creation Workshops with Companion PLR Template Packs.

If you've attended any of D'vorah's courses or workshops, you know that she is dedicated to equipping people in being able to easily create content, for personal use as well as to sell.

This huge sale features over 20 workshops and each includes training, a demonstration, and a Companion PLR Template Pack.

Stock up for 50% off with code Workshop50 to save at checkout until the end of the month.

There are over 20 Workshops to choose from and there's no limit to how many times you can use your coupon.
Head over to her site to check out the complete list of featured workshops:

✨ BONUS - For every $25 you spend after coupons are applied and before taxes, choose a regular bonus from my bonus page. If you spend over $49, you can change that to a deluxe bonus and grab a second deluxe bonus for every $49 after that.


If you're always looking to score a fantastic deal, have you met my friend Melanie who runs Club Pin?
Her brand new content for April has just been released and it's no joke!
This month we have a brand new bonus training thrown in --- in addition to TWO Canva PLR Templates.
And she also has included a brand new bonus training not available anywhere else just yet. Yes! This is a special little bonus to ONLY Club Pin Members.

For April you'll receive:

Product Research Organization Training.

It's not really a training on keyword research,.....more an example of a good few key words Mel found, and how to combine them in your product listing to up your searchability results.
And there's a system to organize all that research and "rabbit hole research," because Mel's a systems gal. This includes those key word gold mines you find when looking for something else.
This also includes how to organize and label all your best seller inspiration photos to not only speed up your product creation process, but to help you take that up-front work you did and use it to create numerous products.
Save time. Up your creation. Win Win. Includes Google sheet and Canva template so you'll have your own organizational system.

This month's Club Pin products were created from just some of the things she found, so it's a great little implementation training. She shows you what she found, how she organized it and then turned it into two different products that you could just run wild with and use to create many others.

This training is ONLY available in her membership PLUS you'll also receive the two created PLR Canva Templates.
In the next few weeks, the training will be sold on it's own, but not with the two additional canva products included. Those will be an additional cost.

Join now and you'll also receive all of her March goodies as well which include:

  • PLR Product - Retirement Journal
  • PLR Product - Retirement Bucket List
  • Pinterest Pins
  • Square Mockups / Sales Images
  • Customization Walk Through Video (I won't leave you hanging...promise!)
  • Fully Customizable in Canva!

All this for just $10 and comes with commercial usage! We're talking super great value!
And make sure you check out some of her other fabby products: ​
Bundle of eight Club Packs for just $47
ConvertKit Quick Tips Training.

✨ BONUS - If you grab Mel's membership, choose a regular bonus from my bonus page.


April's content has just been released over at the PLR Cookie Jar.

Right now Melissa is running a special offer to join the club for $14 ($10 off) the first month. Plus you'll also receive all of March's content!
It's a whole world of content to explore, month after month, for as long as you remain a member. Plus, you're fully empowered with Master Resell Rights - sell them, spin them, or give them your personal touch. It’s your call.
April's content:

Course Workbook Bundle
Dive into the Course Workbook, featuring a comprehensive 52-page workbook. This engaging resource includes a welcome page, a detailed course roadmap, a dedicated webinar page, and so much more to provide your audience with an unparalleled learning experience.

Mental Health Social Media Posts
Enhance your digital presence with 60 Mental Health Social Media Posts. These thoughtfully crafted graphics come with tips, affirmations, and strategies to engage your audience on a topic that's more important than ever. Use these to inspire, educate, and offer support across your platforms. Not in the mental health niche? They're easy to plug any content you need into.

Bold Wall Art Collection (Gorgeous! 😍)​
Bold printable wall art seems to be selling great on Etsy. This collection boasts vibrant and artistic images that will add a touch of beauty to your walls or any online project or printable product line you have in mind.

✨BONUS - If you join the PLR Cookie Jar, choose a regular bonus from my bonus page.



Katherine's newest kit in her Limitless Design Kits Monthly Membership has just arrived.​
This month's theme is a super cool, wildly evergreen Boho Cactus Design Kit.
Whether you're designing boho-themed invitations, crafting desert-inspired wall art, or simply want to add a touch of Southwest flair to your designs, this month's Boho Cactus design kit has you covered. Having lived in Southern Arizona off and on again for over 30 years, Katherine can attest to the allure of our lifestyle and majestic landscapes.
With all the latest concerns over copyright, usage rights, and outsourcing art from questionable sources, a few members have asked if she makes the graphics in her kits. The answer is YES, she personally illustrates/draws/paints the graphics.
All of her personal hand-drawn or painted illustrations and high-resolution elements can be used to create PLR, digital products, physical products, and TEMPLATES (to name a few) which is MUCH MORE than any typical commercial use license.

Along with the individual elements, she's also included a few different types of graphics to help you create scenes.
These design kits are only available for one month inside the membership so you have until the 14th to pick these up. Katherine will then be offering them for sale at the current regular price of $97.
You'll automatically receive $482 worth of bonuses that come with MRR rights, meaning you can turn these kits around and not only sell them commercially, but as PLR without restrictions!
MRR or master resell rights means you can sell these items commercially to others who can also sell them commercially. Normally, with PLR, you can sell them to others for personal use only.
This means you can use these products to create your very own PLR. It's also perfect if you've been wanting to get into a bundle but don't have a creative bone in your body and aren't sure what you would be able to offer with PLR rights - now you'll be able to thanks to Katherine's gorgeous resources.
Best of all, you can use these elements without fear of infringing on someone's license, which is much more generous than a standard commercial use license, and use them for to create PLR digital products, physical products, and templates (to name a few) - and yes, even stickers!

Check out everything you get on the sales page. This kit will be available at the discounted price of $27 until tonight - March 14th.

✨BONUS - If you purchase Katherine's kit choose a one-time regular bonus from my bonus page.

Check out my bonus page here. My bonuses do not have an expiry. I have been working on updating my bonus page (December 5th, 2023) so look forward to that soon.
​Update regarding bonuses​
I've been having a few issues lately around receiving commissions so if you want to ensure that you buy through my links and receive your bonuses, please make sure to make your purchases on a desktop.
Apple does not allow for link tracking and there is a good chance that I will not get credited for the sale. It's also a good policy to click my link and purchase right away because if you decide to do so later, and you're browsing other sites, or checking out other emails, you may accidentally click on someone else's offer unknowingly so they'll get credit for a sale and if you don't know who that person is, they might not have a bonus for you.
For Thrivecart purchases: Make sure you see my name laramai at the bottom of the checkout page under affiliate as shown in the photo below. As there are many templates used in Thrivecart, the field might look different than the photo below but the name will appear somewhere at the very bottom of the page underneath the cart.

For Warrior+ purchases: Make sure you see my name "laramai" at the bottom of the checkout page where it says powered by Warrior Plus



If you're interested in learning how I use totally free and/or cheap tools to create AI generated images like the ones you see in the book above as well as my the bonuses you've seen lately as well as my newsletter banner photos, click here or the photo above. (Note: clicking this link won't take you anywhere. It just records your interest so I can make sure to notify you if and when this course becomes available - and offer it to you at the lowest price.)
Don't forget I'm still taking a poll to find out if there is interest in learning about how I created my initial tripwire landing page using entirely free tools. Click here if you want to learn more about that training.

Fantastic Monthly Memberships to Grow Your Biz:
Most of these memberships qualify for a bonus so check out the Bonus Key below!
To claim your bonus, please email me at with BONUS in the subject line.
Amy (Fruitful Freelancing) Low Content Intel Subscription - $19.95 mo/$195 yearly. (B/BZ30)
Angela Wills' Email Practice Club - $20 (founding rate!)/$200 yearly. (B/BZ30**)
Becky (PLR Beach) Business Beach Club Member and Pro Member - $29 or 99/month (DB/BZ30)
ClΓ udia Orengo's Passive Income Growth Academy - $27 mo/$270 yearly. (B/BZ30**)
D'vorah (Share Your Brilliance) Content Creation Club - $27/month (B)

Faith (Faith's Biz Academy) Canva Templates Vault - $9/month ($197 one-time fee) (BZ40)

Gabby (Cup of Zen) Spirit Animals Monthly Membership - $15/month
Jenn Brockman's Content Creator's Library $37/month (DB) or $162 for 6 months. (BZ20)
Jenn Brockman's Purposeful Path PLR Club - $15/month (B)
Julie Hall's KDP Creators Clu, $37/month (DB)
Katherine (Oasis Lane) Limitless Design Kits Membership $27/month (See above for deets!) (DB)
Liz Wilcox Email Marketing Membership - $9/month

Melanie (Bittyspire) Club Pin $10/month (See above for deets!) (B)
Melissa Rezza Cookie Jar - $24/mo (B)
Melody (PLR of the Month) Kitchen Sink PLUS $27/month (B)

Michelle Rohr (Secret Owl Society) - Say Yes to Desire (formerly) Planner Girl Insider's Membership : $300 lifetime fee or $50 x 6 months. (BZ30 for one-time payment)

Mim Jenkinson's Create + Co-Work Club - $19/month (B)

Ruth Poundwhite - The Soulful Sales Society - $29/month (B)
Sue (Createful Journals) Monthly Inspiration Templates & Journal Prompts $7/month
Sue (Createful Journals) Pretty Printables Club $10/month


B - A regular bonus from my bonus page. ​
DB - A deluxe bonus from my
bonus page.
BZ20 - A 20 minute Intuitive Business Coaching Session* (*Check out my testimonials here or here.)
BZ30 - A
30 minute Intuitive Business Coaching Session*
BZ40 - A
40 minute Intuitive Business Coaching Session*
BZ60 - A
60 minute Intuitive Business Coaching Session* ($300 flat fee option)
*All bonuses are one-time and not recurring.
**Please allow for payment to clear for any memberships that offer a refund policy. (ie: Angela Wills.)

Thanks so much for being part of my list. I'll be back soon with more great offers, stories and special gifts just for you.

Happy Tales!

Lara xo

My name is Lara and I'm the owner of Tales From the Rouge - inspired by a magical enclave in the Rouge Valley in the east end of Toronto, Canada. I'm a writer/television producer and a wife and mom who loves photography, crystals, and my ever-expanding collection of typewriters. I'm inspired by nature on a daily basis and draw inspiration from my surroundings which trickles down to my creations.

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Writer, TV Producer/Director, Digital Creator. (Discovery Channel, HGTV, The CBC, Elle Canada, The Toronto Star, and US Weekly.) Although I'm an award-winning journalist who has shot stories around the world, nothing gives me more joy than taking photos in my local stomping ground, β€œThe Rouge” and turning them into illustrative art. I love sharing stories and images with my community along with free and paid resources to help others break the chains of the 9-to-5 hamster wheel to achieve a life they love. Check out my previous posts but keep in mind that only subscribers get access to my occasional gifts which aren't posted below - so sign up to receive my daily newsletter!

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Hi Reader,Happy Sunday! It's a gorgeous sunny day today with a cool breeze. Not too hot and not too cold. I'd say just about perfect! The birds are chirping and I have all the windows open in the house for a lovely cross breeze. The only issue is an ice cream truck has been circling our neighborhood with some super annoying, circus-calliope type music which basically hasn't stopped for the last two hours. Not only that, to me it sounds like the music a creepy serial killing clown driving an...

about 5 hours agoΒ β€’Β 31 min read

Butterfly Landing Pad ;-) Hi Reader,Happy Friday! How has your week been? I'm super excited to have the nicer weather upon us! As promised, I wanted to tell you more about our visit to Niagara Falls. Usually we don't do touristy stuff but this time, we hit a few spots. The Bird Kingdom was one of them but today I want to tell you about the Butterfly Conservatory - both of which I've always wanted to check out. The latter is located on the grounds of the Niagara Parks School of Horticulture in...

2 days agoΒ β€’Β 29 min read

Hi Reader,I'm still recovering from our trip to Niagara Falls. We had an amazing time and it was pretty low key, but for some reason, I haven't been able to get my groove back yet. It's taken more time to recover than the amount of time we were actually away. 🀣We did pack a lot into four days - and some of those days we walked almost 20k steps! That might be close to a record.As I mentioned last time, halfway through our stay, my son said he didn't want to go to the waterpark. A part of me...

8 days agoΒ β€’Β 25 min read
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