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TFTR Bonuses! Deluxe Bonus Options (Updated: 10/02/22)

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Deluxe Bundles. The value of these range from $27 to $47 USD
All bundles come with commercial rights.


The value of these paper pack bundles range from $17 to $27
These also come with full commercial usage.

✨ Regular bonuses also qualify for a painting from my Etsy store!
The ones in my store come with personal use, but you will get yours with commercial usage!


Customized Portraits

When you purchase specific offers, you will qualify to get a customized pop-art portrait in either a one panel layout (a value of $50) or a four panel layout. (A value of $125.)

These portraits make fantastic gifts for friends, family, colleagues, and of course, yourself! I find pets work best for these portraits but some art styles work for humans if you want a portrait of yourself. You can see an example of one I did of myself (in my early 20's on a train in Germany eating the most delicious lasagna.)

I started making portraits of pets for friends whose furbabies last year. I wanted to give them a memory of their pets that they could look at and cherish forever. So far, everyone I have given these to has been touched by my present. And now, you'll be able to do the same if you choose to give it as a gift - or keep for yourself.

How it works is you send me a photo like the ones shown below (with plenty of head room and a nice neutral background.) Let me know which colors and styles you prefer and I'll work with you to choose the perfect portrait!

These come with personal usage. If you are interested in commercial usage, contact me to discuss your options.

✨✨ Bonuses: Coaching & Services! ✨✨

Based on the offer, here are a few bonuses that give you the opportunity to work one-on-one with me.

An intuitive business session to go over business, branding, media, mindset.

We can accomplish a lot in one sitting. I've worked with rock stars, Oscar winners, athletes and titans of industry. From Keanu Reeves to Coldplay and Jennifer Hudson to Jane Goodall - just to name (drop) a few. I've also worked with international brands such as Air France, Volvo, Royal Caribbean and I even helped win an Oscar for a film studio. If you need to gain confidence being interviewed or conducting interviews, now's your chance to benefit from my one-on-one expertise and advice.​

A one-on-one audit where you'll receive personalized feedback from me via email and/or video on anything you'd like me to look at. Depending on the offer and course/service being promoted, this could range from giving you my honest and invaluable advice when it comes to implementing a course and/or product you'll be developing. (This would usually go with a companion product which you'll be purchasing.)

A personalized collection of paper based on a theme you choose which I will help you develop.
This will range anywhere from (approximately) a 2 to 12 page paper collection, but could vary depending on the offer.

As always, write me if you have any questions about bonuses at 💝💝💝

Happy Tales!

Lara xo

Lara Champion

Tales From the Rouge

Writer, TV Producer/Director, Digital Creator. (Discovery Channel, HGTV, The CBC, Elle Canada, The Toronto Star, and US Weekly.) Although I'm an award-winning journalist who has shot stories around the world, nothing gives me more joy than taking photos in my local stomping ground, “The Rouge” and turning them into illustrative art. I love sharing stories and images with my community along with free and paid resources to help others break the chains of the 9-to-5 hamster wheel to achieve a life they love. Check out my previous posts but keep in mind that only subscribers get access to my occasional gifts which aren't posted below - so sign up to receive my daily newsletter!

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