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✨ The best money I ever spent...

Published about 1 year ago • 41 min read

Hi Reader,

I had my quarterly mastermind call with Michelle Rohr from Secret Owl Society earlier this month for our Planner Girl Insiders group which I am still thinking about.

The mastermind was on "How to Create Quick and Easy Videos with Canva" and it was sooooo good. I am so incredibly pumped to start adding videos to the YouTube Channel I started but never launched over a year ago.

I have zillions of videos just sitting on my computer not being shared. Michelle not only showed us how simple it was to create gorgeous videos but also broke through a ton of mindset hurdles that I had been holding onto about creating them.

It's funny because each quarterly mastermind is either geared towards teaching us something - either technical (like creating videos in Canva) or about mindset, but usually one topic will invariably will mix with the other.

Case in point - during our January monthly co-working session which Michelle has renamed to "Tea Party Calls" (doesn't that sound so much fun than working - aka "co-working?), we were all talking about what we had been up to over the past month.

That's when Michelle showed us what she had been working on at the time. Our whole group was oooh-ing and ahhing over her gorgeous emails and she offered to send us a template for it. Out of that came her new course, The Pretty Email Kit! (I get into more detail about that at the end of this email if you want to scroll down to check that out.)

I'm pretty sure there will be a course on Creating Videos in Canva soon as a result of her excellent masterclass - and I got to watch it up close and personal during the mastermind as part of the PGI membership!

The extra bonus was that Michelle showed us how to create a video featuring images and video from her recent move to Portugal!

She moved there just a few short weeks ago having decided it looked like somewhere she'd like to live - and never actually visiting prior! Imagine if we could just act on our dreams and desires instead of say to ourselves, "one day..." and just DO it.

If you love the idea of joining me in Planner Girl Insiders, our monthly Tea Party Call meets tomorrow (March 17th) at 1 pm EST!

During these calls, we usually chat for thirty minutes with a Q&A at the beginning where you can ask Michelle anything about life and biz. This is a huge bonus as Michelle used to charge $300/hr for business coaching (which she retired from doing when she got too busy.) Being able to have this time with her has provided so many huge lightbulb moments. So much so, having this membership has truly been the best money ever spent.

Tomorrow will be the first Tea Party call since Michelle moved to Porto so we might not get to co-working. I'm excited to see how she's been settling into living in Porto and am hoping she shares more photos and videos.

I love that Michelle really opens you up to new possibilities and dreaming big. I hope you consider joining us!

BONUS: Purchase Planner Girl Insiders and choose one of two options:

1) Three deluxe bonuses from my bonus page.

2) One deluxe bonus and a 30 minute "Pick My Brain" Intuitive Business Coaching Session. Check out my about page for more info as well as my testimonials here.

EXTRA BONUS (Today only)
No matter which option you choose, I'll also going to throw in a minimum of 8 pieces of flower themed 8x 10" watercolor papers for covers, dividers, wall art, backgrounds for planners, etc. like the ones shown below. Best of all, you can use them in any of your designs without having to add or change elements. (Note: These images may differ from the ones shown here. Also, if you bought the Spiritual Entrepreneur bundle, I'll make sure you don't get the same pieces!)


Monica Froese has a flash sale going on in her store right now and I noticed some amazing products that are currently slashed (and that also have an extra discount code available this weekend only!)

Digital Products That Scale - Currently $49. Regularly $197

Are you struggling to create a digital product that your audience will ACTUALLY BUY from you?

Are you overwhelmed thinking of all the different graphics and assets you'll need to sell and deliver your product?

Do you need time-tested best practices for creating printables, spreadsheets, eBooks, or starter courses?

Whether you've never created a digital product, have products that aren't moving in your shop, or want help polishing the look of your products, or need help figuring out where to showcase your product, Monica walks you from A to Z

For this particular product, this flash sale is on only until tomorrow, Friday, March 17th at 3 PM EST, and you can get an additional 20% off using code IRISHBABY20 at checkout.

Some other goodies that I noticed:

Empowered Business Box - Currently $47. Regularly $297!

This includes:

Email List Booster Toolbox: Brainstorm an amazing opt-in and create it at record speeds with beautifully pre-designed templates.

Grow Your Email List with a FREE Challenge Toolbox: Generate excitement with the perfect digital product for your community to take action and see results... and grow your email list at the same time!

Launch a Digital Product with a Flash Sale Toolbox: Create your digital product with our professionally designed template, then sell it to your existing community the EASY way with a 3-day flash sale!

Boost Your Cart Value Toolbox: Generate more revenue on every purchase with our easy resources for utilizing order bumps and upsells for your digital products. This includes:

  • (1) Upsell Page Template with Assets (Leadpages, Elementor, Preview Link)
  • Thrivecart Checkout Cart Template
  • Product Mockups for Canva to Professionally Display Your Products
  • Order Bump & Upsell Sales Tracker in Google Sheets

Digital Product Extravaganza Toolbox: Monica Froese used this formula to make over $30,000 on digital products under $50... Now she's given all those templates to you!

12 Days of Giveaways Toolbox: Empower your audience with free resources, build relationships, and grow your email list all at the same time! Get your hands on our strategy for a multi-day campaign that can explode your email list growth.

Tech Tutorials: Easily use all the templates included in the templates with our tutorials for Leadpages, Elementor, and more.

(Don't forget to get an additional 20% off using code IRISHBABY20 at checkout.)

Some other great products that are currently on sale:

Toolbox: Digital Product Extravaganza - Currently $17. Regularly $97

Pinterest Advertising 101 - Currently $37. Regularly $97

Ultimate Digital Product Business Planner Spreadsheet - Currently $37. Regularly $67

Thrivecart Sales Page Template Bundle - Currently $67. Regularly $97
If you've seen those templates bundles of 10 templates with a price tag of $297 and balked at the price, this is a great alternative, especially when you combine the 20% off code!

Ultimate Funnel Template Bundle - Currently $97. Regularly $147

Even better, check out Monica's entire shop and see for yourself all the goodies that are on sale right now which might be a fit for your business. And don't forget to use the coupon code IRISHBABY20 to save an additional 20% until Sunday.

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If you love everything Monica Froese creates, don't forget about her free, 5 day workshop called the Digital Shop Accelerator which will help you learn to grow your digital product store the right way.

During the sessions, she'll teach you how to build your digital product shop, how to make your products more visible as well as boost sales.

Here's a sneak peek inside each day:

  • Monday: Selling is Serving: Shift Your Selling Mindset
  • Tuesday: This ONE Thing Will Change Your Entire Business ← can’t wait to find out about this one!
  • Wednesday: How to Turn $9 Into $100+
  • Thursday: LIVE - Digital Shop Accelerator: Map Your 6-Figure Shop
  • Friday: Open House + Live Q&A for YOU

This free workshop runs from March 20 - 24th. Make sure to grab your spot and be ready to take lots of notes.


Jenn from Planning Addicts is back with the Breaking Through Your Self-Imposed Barriers to Success Workbook

This comprehensive workbook is designed specifically for coaches, bloggers, and other professionals in the self-help, mental health, and emotional health niches. It is designed to help your clients break through the self-imposed barriers that are holding them back from reaching their full potential and achieving success.

Through a series of thought-provoking exercises and reflective prompts, clients will gain a deeper understanding of their limiting beliefs and develop a clear plan for overcoming them.

With private label rights, you have the flexibility to edit the content, add your own branding, and customize the workbook to meet the specific needs of your clients. This not only adds a personal touch, but also helps to establish your brand and build credibility with your audience.

Use Coupon BreakThru to save 50% Off. Just $13.50 (Regularly $27) This sale ends March 22nd.

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Dr. Fran from the Happy Journals has some gorgeous new freebies out. If you haven't picked them up yet, you only have two more days left to grab them!

The Arty Splash Themed Templates PLR Pack includes:

  • 2023 calendars
  • 2024 calendars
  • 2025 calendars
  • Simple Notepapers
  • 70 Bonus Stickers
  • In three sizes (6x9", 8.5x11" & A4)

If you're interested in upgrading your pack, the matching premium pack contains:

  • 10 Planner and Journal Templates
  • 10 Printable Templates
  • 10 Checklist Templates
  • A Digital Planner

Fran also has the stunning new Cherry Blossom Themed Template PLR Packs

The free pack includes:

  • 2023 calendars
  • 2024 calendars
  • 2025 calendars
  • Simple Notepapers
  • In three sizes (6x9", 8.5x11" & A4)​

The matching premium pack contains::

  • 10 Planner and Journal Templates
  • 10 Printable Templates
  • 10 Checklist Templates
  • A Digital Planner

For the premium Arty Splash Themed PLR Pack, use coupon code ARTYMARCH to bring the price down from $27 to $15 ​

For the premium Cherry Blossom Themed PLR Pack, the coupon code CHERRYMARCH to bring the price down from $27 to $15.

This discount is valid until tonight! March 16th.

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Jan Small is back with her new course, One Hour Lead Magnets.

Everyone seems to understand the importance of having a free lead magnet to attract subscribers, but many freebies are not doing an effective job.

They are either not converting visitors into subscribers at all. Or they are getting downloaded but are then left to gather digital dust rather than helping to engage potential customers.

This one-hour training program will show you how to create an effective lead magnet that will attract your ideal clients and grow your business 365 days a year.

And it doesn’t have to take weeks or even days to create.

In just one hour, you'll learn the key elements of a successful lead magnet and the best formats to use to get engagement, including the 7 best lead magnets you can easily create in an hour (and how to make them)

In 7 short no-fluff videos, you'll discover everything you need to create a smoking-hot lead magnet.

Four bonus guides and fully edited transcripts are included.

There's also a $7 bump offer which is a 17 page Canva template that buyers can use to create a unique lead magnet matching their brand even faster.

Right now, take $40 off this course - only $27 during launch (regularly $67.) No coupon code required. The sale is on until March 22nd at 11:59 PST.

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Jennifer from Health & Wellness is closing the doors tonight on her first PLR retirement sale of the year and decommissioning 25 packs to make way for new products.

She has some major changes happening in her store and is working on streamlining her content.

For the next ~3 days, you can get 25+ products from her store for only $17. Once they're gone, they will be gone forever.

Snap up these packets quickly.

• Mindfulness for Productivity ($20)

• Healthy Lifestyle Habits ($27)

• Journaling Mega Bundle ($37)

• Intermittent Fasting Challenge ($27)

• Intermittent Fasting and Keto ($37)

• Spring Journal ($17)

• Nurture Your Mental Health ($19)

• Summer Journal and Prompts ($25)

• Wellness Vol. 2 ($25)

• Healthy Lifestyle Planner ($27)

• Journaling for Health ($17)

• Productivity and Motivation ($22)

• Fall Journal and Prompts ($12)

• Natural Weight Loss ($25)

• Weight Loss Challenge ($27)

• Living Holistically ($24)

• Plant-Based PLR Bundle ($27)

• Plant-Based Journal and Planner ($37)

• Walking for Health ($29)

• Walking Challenge ($27)

• Intuitive Eating ($27)

• Journaling for Intuitive Eating ($37)

• Meal prep and Planning ($25)

• Weight Loss Mindset ($19)

• Kids Wellness ($27)

This includes 294+ Articles, 20+ eBooks and Reports, 47+ Emails, 12+ Journals, 300+ Journal Prompts and Affirmations, 190+ Graphics, Printables, and Images.

This sale ends tonight, March 16th.

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Andrea Frey from Sparkle with Grace has a new course out which walks you through how to create a sales pages that's fresh and unique each and every time by harnessing the power of ChatGPT - a cutting-edge language model that generates natural language responses based on your prompts.

If you're struggling to sell your digital products online or get anxiety thinking about how to create a compelling sales pages, The Digital Product Sales Page Formula is the solution you need to create a unique and powerful sales page for your digital products.

Unlike generic fill-in-the-blank templates, this formula enables you to create custom sales pages tailored to your unique product every time. You can now say goodbye to the one-size-fits-all approach and hello to personalized, conversion-focused sales pages that resonate with your target audience.

Get the magic formula for $20 off while it's on launch pricing for $27. (Regularly $47.)

The sale runs until March 17th at 11:59 EST. No coupon code is required.

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You know how it have a product that you want to launch that you're excited to share with the world. It's gonna take the world by storm and be a GAME CHANGER. And then...crickets...

You have amazing things to share with the world but how do you do that when people don't know about it?

If you have a newsletter, or want to start one, and visibility and exposure are things you are wanting to get serious about this year, ConvertKit has just announced they are working on a brand new product that's going to change the game.

The Creator Network will make it easy for you to discover other awesome creators and help each other to grow your email lists together! These recommendations will be creator-controlled, not powered by an algorithm. It’s based on creators helping other creators.

If you're already on ConvertKit or have always wanted to try it out, this is your open invitation to join their waitlist ahead of the general audience and be the first to experience the power of the Creator Network.

By signing up for the waitlist, you'll have the chance to gain hands-on experience growing your own audience with the Creator Network, so you can pass on that knowledge to your followers.


My friend Angela Wills is having a March break flash sale on her best-selling course, Masterclass Launched in 3 Hours. You have until Friday to pick up one of her best selling courses at 50% off.

Angela will show you how she personally uses classes in her monthly membership where she hosts live one-off classes which she then uses to create courses and group coaching programs.

This is the foundation that she's used to build her entire business upon.

In fact, when she relaunched her business last year, this masterclass is the foundation she built upon and the FIRST masterclass she taught myself.

Masterclass Launched in 3 Hours is a training that will teach you this very foundation where you will be able to build a business just like she did. She went from zero income to an average of $5-$7k/month (gross) and growing!

In honour of March Break and her taking the week to spend with her daughter, she thought she would put the class that gave her the lifestyle freedom to spend time with her family, so you too can do the same.

Angela will walk you through how to set up and start selling a masterclass in 3 hours. (Using a REAL hands on process - not theory! using REAL timelines.

She will show you using real timelines what it takes to create a launch:

About 30 mins to create the graphics

About 60 mins to create the salespage

About 60 mins to create the emails

Then how to deliver the course:

About 60 mins to create the presentation

About 60 mins to deliver on masterclass live date

About 30 mins to upload to class delivery area

If you're struggling to launch, Angela walks you through how to keep it simple so you can get it done.

You'll be able to help out your audience, without weeks, months or YEARS of planning or procrasti-planning a course.

If you want to earn money sooner AND get your message to your community faster - this method is for you.

AND... when you get the process down pat, you can use it to easily create a course, membership, group coaching program. It's a building block which you can use to build out the foundation of your business.

Other perks:

If you finish your course and launch a Masterclass, as a reward, Angela will feature you on her Customer Showcase page on her website, add you to her sales page (as a testimonial), and promote your results in her newsletter!

You'll also get templates including a sales page (ThriveCart & Word), as well as emails and PowerPoint templates which you can use to help you complete your launch even faster.

Normally a great deal at $200 this class is only $100 until Friday. There's even a three-payment plan option available.

You will also be able to join any of the live cohorts in the future for FREE.

SPECIAL BONUS - If you purchase Angela's course, choose one of two options:

BONUS OPTION 1 - Choose two deluxe bonuses from my bonus page.

BONUS OPTION 2 - I'll give you early access to my ART with AI course for free. The only caveat is that you provide me a testimonial (which I will most likely need a fast turnaround on.)


If you've been holding off on joining Leonie Dawson's awesome membership, Leonie just announced she will be closing the doors on the Brilliant Biz + Life Academy at the end of the month. (And I'm offering some gorgeous new goodies for you fence sitters so scroll down for that bonus info below!)

Leonie has a new video up about her Academy. If you've been interested in checking out her membership, click the image above.

Leonie hasn't said when she will open the doors next. It could be 3 months, 6 months, she isn't sure. So if you've really wanted to join but haven't gotten around to it yet, now is the time as you definitely won't want to miss out!

Leonie has earned more than 13 million dollars in her business, takes super long vacations for months at a time and only works a few hours a WEEK!

For only $99 a year (apx $8.25 a month) you'll receive access to Leonie's entire suite of courses along with coaching calls, upcoming workshops and any course she creates in the future!

I've purchased a ton of Leonie's courses and my absolute favorite thing about Leonie which I love about her so much is the live aspects of her coaching calls. You learn so much valuable info AND you also will laugh your butt off.

When Leonie did coaching, she also charged 1,000 (AUD) an hour so having the chance to ask questions 1:1 is priceless and is free with the membership!

Don't miss out on grabbing Leonie's membership as it's closing soon!

You get access to ALL of her courses, workbooks & group coaching including:

· Sales Star e-course (usually $297)
This is ABSOLUTELY the course Leonie recommends above all others. It's the foundational building block if you want to seriously increase your revenue. For years, Leonie sold this course at $297 on its own and RIGHT NOW... you can get it for $99 PLUS score access to ALL her other programs!

This includes:

· 40 Days To Create & Sell Your E-Course (usually $197)

· 40 Days To Finish Your Book e-course (usually $197)

· Money, Manifesting & Multiple Streams of Income e-course (usually $197)

· Marketing Without Social Media workshop (usually $99)

· Get Organised! course (usually $99)

· Work Less, Earn More workshop (usually $99)

· How To Hire & Manage A VA workshop (usually $99)

· Success Habits for Biz Owners (with Tash Corbin) (usually $99)

· Behind The Scenes of a Multi-Millionaire's Finances (usually $7)

· My Brilliant Year Business e-workbook (usually $9.95)

· My Brilliant Year Life e-workbook (usually $9.95)

· Goal Getter To Do List Planner (usually $9.95)

· Goal Getter Weekly Planner (usually $9.95)

· Calm Christmas Planner (usually $10)

· SALT romance novella (usually $3)

· 2+ new workshops released each year (usually $199)

· Monthly group coaching calls with Leonie (valued at $997)

You'll also get:

🦄 Mindset hacks to unblock yourself, unlock your abundance and start making bucketloads of cash!

🦄 The EXACT checklists, words, copywriting tools, and a bunch of tips and tricks you can start doing right now to make more sales

🦄 Learn the seriously lucrative skills that has made Leonie over $13 million and counting.

Total value? More than over $2,500!

Check out everything you get on the sales page.

BONUSES! If you purchase the Brilliant Biz + Life Academy, you can choose from one of three options.

BONUS OPTION 1: Choose TWO deluxe bonuses from my bonus page .

✨✨ BONUS OPTION 2: Choose either a one panel custom art portrait which I will design for you based on the photo you provide or a 24 pack of custom created individually pre-cropped clipart in a theme of YOUR choosing.

✨✨✨ BONUS OPTION 3: Book a a 30 minute "Pick My Brain" Intuitive Business Coaching Session. I've worked with everyone from Jane Goodall to Jennifer Hudson so this is a super sweet bonus, especially since I am only offering coaching via bonuses at this time. I need to update my testimonial section but check out some of my reviews here.

No matter what bonus you choose, I'm also going to throw in a minimum of 8 pieces of watercolor papers (8x 10") for covers, dividers, wall art, backgrounds for planners, etc. like the ones shown below. Best of all, you can use them in any of your designs without having to add or change elements. (Note: These images may differ from the ones shown here. Also, if you bought the Spiritual Entrepreneur bundle, I'll make sure you don't get the same pieces!)

Katherine's new offering for March is out: The Coastal Life Kit from her Limitless Design Kits Monthly Membership.

This month's theme is based on the strong and growing trend of everything "coastal living." It includes evergreen elements and motifs particularly useful in home decor, masculine gifts, nursery and children's niches, and stationery, particularly invitations and announcements.

These design kits are only available for one month inside the membership so you have until the end of today (March 14th) to pick these up. Katherine will then be offering them for sale at the current regular price of $97.

You'll automatically receive $482 worth of bonuses that come with MRR rights, meaning you can turn these kits around and not only sell them commercially, but as PLR without restrictions!

MRR or master resell rights means you can sell these items commercially to others who can also sell them commercially. Normally, with PLR, you can sell them to others for personal use only.

This means you can use these products to create your very own PLR. It's also perfect if you've been wanting to get into a bundle but don't have a creative bone in your body and aren't sure what you would be able to offer with PLR rights - now you'll be able to thanks to Katherine's gorgeous resources.

Best of all, you can use these elements without fear of infringing on someone's license, which is much more generous than a standard commercial use license, and use them for to create PLR digital products, physical products, and templates (to name a few) - and yes, even stickers!

Check out everything you get on the sales page.

BONUS - If you purchase Katherine's kit using my link choose a deluxe bonus from my bonus page. You can also save your bonuses for upcoming collections.


Alessandro Zamboni is back with ChatGPT Affiliates Empire. This eBook is an innovative course designed to teach your customers how to create high-quality affiliate marketing promotional content with the help of ChatGPT. As an affiliate, you can promote a unique product that offers real solutions to marketers looking to take their content creation to the next level.

In his eBook, he'll show you a case study on how he made $9,300 on WarriorPlus in 28 days by using only ChatGPT and a secret free tool.

​If you're doing affiliate marketing or would like to start, produce emails, blog posts, and daily content for your audience is no easy feat. ​

This course will walk you through how to use ChatGPT to save time and increase sales while teaching you the secrets to creating compelling content, even if you are starting from scratch.

Here's what the course contains:

+ The five essential rules to dominate ChatGPT.

​+ How to use ChatGPT to rewrite swipe files provided by affiliates.

​+ The secret free tool I use to make the generated emails human-like.

​+ How to write new emails to promote any affiliate product you want.

​+ How to craft perfect promotional blog posts with ChatGPT.

​+ How to create professional video scripts with ChatGPT.

​+ And how to record them without showing your face on camera.

​+ The best way to create two types of high-quality lead magnets.

+ Never seen before tips and tricks to run the best and fastest affiliate marketing business.

​+ Two bonus case studies on how to rewrite emails and how to create new ones.

​+ And much, much more!

BONUS - If you purchase Alesssandro's course, choose a deluxe bonus from my bonus page. If you grab any of the upsells, add a deluxe bonus. You can still hold onto your bonuses if you like, but forward me your receipt for this one when you purchase.


MaryJo from Cool Bean is back to celebrate Women's Day with her brand new Women's Health & Wellness Planner. Only $12 during her launch. (Reg $27)

This comprehensive planner template is a perfect way to help women prioritize their health and wellness. It has everything needed to help your clients or customers with improving their health and wellness with self-assessments, setting achievable goals, tracking progress, and more.

For wellness it includes:

Daily wellness journal
Mind & body wellness goals
Stress relief
Self-care routine setting
Skin-care routine
Mood tracker
Habit tracker
Vision board

And health:

Setting health goals
Insurance/physician info
Period cycle tracking
Sleep log
Doctor visits
Therapy notes
Medication/supplement logs
Body measurements
Water intake log
Exercise log
Blood pressure log

The template is editable with a free or pro Canva account.

It has 34 pages and includes A4 and US letter sizes. She also has a Wheel of Life planner available for $7 and a Menopause Journal planner for $9 (both with PLR.)

The sale is in on until Sunday, March 19th.

BONUS - If you purchase MaryJo's planner, choose a regular bonus from my bonus page.

Luke Bowes over at Bowes Publishing has just come out with the brand new Akari (Light Up) Puzzle Generator For PC/Mac MONTHLY.

Akari is a logic puzzle game played on a rectangular grid, where the objective is to light up all the cells in the grid

If you're interested in generating your own unique set of Akari (Light Up) logic puzzles, the software comes with full commercial rights to the puzzles you create, meaning you can do anything you desire with them.

Put them in a book and sell them on Amazon KDP or elsewhere. Sell the puzzles you create to others. Add them to an activity book or as a bonus. The possibilities are endless!

Even better, your purchase of the Akari (Light Up) Puzzle Generator comes with access to the Bulk Image Importer FOR FREE! This will allow you to bulk import the puzzles (choose how many per page) you generate into a PowerPoint, Open Office, or PDF file that you can then further edit in PowerPoint, Open Office, Canva, Google Slides, Affinity Designer, Photoshop, Illustrator... you name it!

Choose your export format (PNG, JPG, BMP), image size, and locations for your puzzles and solutions. Hit Done and then you are back on the main screen ready to generate. Easy right?

Also, if you'd like to check out the quality of Luke's puzzles, make sure you check out Luke's brand new Mega Pack LITE: Free Content Creation Tools which is totally free.

Right now, you can subscribe to get notified of the Akari launch, which is coming out shortly, and will be $4.99 a month.


If you've been interested in generating passive income and want to get serious about KDP, look no further than Self Publishing Titans.

Normally $297 this course is currently on sale for only $97 for a limited time!

With 107 lessons in this course, this is the most comprehensive KDP training I've seen and walks you through every aspect of Amazon KDP publishing!

If you're curious as to who the course creators are, in the very first module, Corvin walks you through how much revenue him and his wife Cleo have made since starting three years ago. At the time of them recording that video (June 2022) they had made close to 300k!

Here is a screenshot of the breakdown that Corvin shared of the royalties him and his wife have earned in each of their KDP accounts over that period:

That's a huge accomplishment in a very short time, selling over 120,000 books, and with KDP, those numbers are just going to increase over time. Of course, that's not to say that anyone can just do it. Which is why they're teaching their secrets!

They also have fantastic research tools and other FREE resources for you to explore and take advantage of!

They've also created two new extensions which will aid in helping to find the best niches and evaluate whether they are worth exploring - both free for members!

There is also a 7 day refund policy so check out everything it has to offer with zero risk.

BONUS - Purchase the KDP Titans course and choose two deluxe bonuses from my bonus page. You can also hold onto your bonuses as my bonuses don't have an expiry date.

✨✨EXTRA BONUS! You can also choose TWO more of ANY of my collections that you've seen offered in a bundle or as a bonus that aren't up on my bonus page yet! If you need a refresher on what some of those bonuses are, just send me an email.


My friend Aimee from Imperfectly Aimee K. has launched her brand new course, WooCommerce for WordPress Training.

This training is perfect for someone who already has a WordPress site or is planning on using WordPress and wants to add a WooCommerce shop, which is absolutely free, to create income.

At the time, Aimee didn't have a lot of extra money to spend on sites like Shopify and Etsy and wanted to be able to set up her store absolutely free! Now she's showing you her step by step process to save you the struggle of trying to learn it yourself using bite-sized, step-by-step screen-recorded videos so you can start making more money

If you were thinking about getting a WordPress site and are on a tight budget and aren't ready to make the jump to aMember Pro or ThriveCart yet, this is the course for you!

I had a whirl through the course and she packs a lot of great information into her two modules. The first section is all about setting up WooCommerce. The second module walks you through setting up WooCommerce and Yith WooCommerce Affiliates on your WordPress site.

The information is great but it isn't a super sprawling course by any means. However, Aimee has told me she plans on continuously growing this course and has lots of elements to add to future trainings as she wants this to be a one stop WooCommerce training.

From now until March 20th, 2023- grab this training for ONLY $47 using coupon code WOOC23. After this time, the course will rise to $97 so lock in your best price while you can.

BONUS - If you purchase Aimee's course, choose two deluxe bonuses from my bonus page.


D'vorah Lansky has come out with a brand new course on how to Create a 7 Day Challenge Experience.

If you've had an interest in creating a course, creating a challenge is a great jumping off point before the next step into launching a full blown course.

​​What is taught in her course?

The 7-Day Challenge Experience Program, is designed to help you create your very own challenge experience program, based on your knowledge and the needs of your audience. You'll learn how to choose your topic, create a laser-focused outline, develop training and training materials, prepare your materials for delivery and set up your platform so you can begin enrolling students.

​A challenge is a great way to build an email list of raving fans in a cost effective way so that you can build up to launching a course.

​D'vorah also has a bonus on how to build out a course in Teachery.

​Other people choose to build out courses in Thrivecart, because you can purchase Thrivecart Learn for $150 after you have paid $690 to get the lifetime Thrivecart checkout system plus affiliate program.

If you want to sell a challenge, or have an affiliate program so that others can sell your challenge for you, you will have to get a checkout system such as Thrivecart to manage the payments.

​This course would be perfect for anyone wanting to begin their course creation journey in the digital products space.

You can grab her course for $147 with code CHALLENGE50 during the early bird pricing period.

BONUS - If you purchase D'vorah's course, choose three deluxe bonuses from my bonus page.


Cecilie at The Rippling Wings has put together a happiness bundle to add some joy to our lives called The Spring Happiness Giveaway.

This giveaway is totally free to join with 90 different products (both personal and commercial use) valued at more than $2100!

My contribution is the "Get Outside" Watercolor Paper Pack. This is a completely brand new pack which I created exclusively for the giveaway.

Here is the full list of contributors:

Commercial Licensed Products

  1. Mindfulness Guided Journal from Sandy and Kirsty at Click Sell Studio
  2. 5-Topic Floral Digital Notebook from Neha Srivastava at PlannerforAll
  3. Flower Haired People Coloring Planner from Jenn at Planning
  4. Good Vibes Journal Pages from Cecilie at The Rippling Wings
  5. 30 Day Happiness Journal from Linda at Creative PLR
  6. 2023 Dated Planner PLR Template from Debbie at PLR by Livie & Jake
  7. Spring Journal With Prompts from at Creative Printable Designs
  8. Happiness Quotes Coloring Pages from Tamra at GoodLife PLR
  9. The Power of Kindness Product Templates from Alice & Yusef at EKit Hub,
  10. Things That Make Me Happy Mini-Journals from Michelle at Chelle's Precious Printables
  11. Gardening Lifestyle Girls Color Graphics from Carmen at Simply Couture Designs
  12. Spring Planner Clipart from Kelly at Simply Love PLR
  13. Social Media Templates from Sue at MynuBeginning
  14. PLR Self-Care Planner and Journal from Jennifer Weiner at Java Digital
  15. Happiness Journal from Calie at Living With Intention
  16. DFY Spring Planner Templates from Sree at Snazzy Designs Forever
  17. Easter Bunny Bucks from Melanie at BittySpire
  18. Cute Ladybug Coloring Pages from Janet at Simple Creative Projects
  19. Pretty Spring Planner from Jamie at Fourth Dimension Planner
  20. Cute Pandas - 30 Coloring Pages in PLR from Virginie at Oxyp Design PLR
  21. 12 Flowers & Butterflies Coloring Bookmarks from Annette at DigiShoppeCo
  22. Spring Planner Canva Template from MaryJo at Cool Bean Design
  23. Happy Spring Journal from Sonja Larsen at EverTemplate
  24. 5-Pack of Articles About Happiness from Tina at Tina B's World
  25. Finding Calm Mindful Paper Pack from Carol at Country Girl Creatives
  26. Spring Menus & Grocery Lists: PLR Variety Pack from Rebecca at That PLR Girl
  27. Tales From the Rouge "Get Outside" Watercolor Paper Pack from Lara at Tales From the Rouge
  28. 30-Day Looking For Happiness & Joy Challenge PLR from Estelle at PLR for Your Success
  29. DIY Printable BOOKMARKS - Spring - PLR Canva Templates from Ana at PLRmix
  30. Easter Bunny Coloring Pack PLR from Faith Lee at Faith’s Biz Academy
  31. 2023 Spring Planner & Bookmarks PLR Printable Template from Sheila at Pretty Printables by Sheila
  32. Happiness Quotes Card Deck - PLR from Kaycee at Kaycee Digital Design
  33. Easter Journal from Vivian at Clear Crystalo
  34. Happiness Journal from Gina at Hope Blooms PLR
  35. Butterfly Affirmation Cards PLR from Danielle at Country Darlin Prints
  36. Self-Care Guided Journal & Workbook - PLR Canva Templates from Vee at C'est la Vee
  37. Bright & Colorful Vitamins PLR Canva Template - PLR Canva Templates from Vee at C'est la Vee

Personal Use Products

  1. Spring Daybook Journal Pages from Kimberlee at Bravely She Blogs
  2. The Tulips Art Print from Vivien at Vivien's Creativity Lab
  3. Manifest Your Word Visualization from Michele at Living Moon Meditation,
  4. 30 day mindful happiness journal from Cassie at White Sands and Cool Breezes
  5. Shadow work from Lisa at Journals With Dragons
  6. Facebook Ads For Beginners Guide from Carlene at Desert Digital Ad Group
  7. Undated printable bee planner from Åsa at Sköldmö AB
  8. Lavender Self Love Journal from Julie at Fab Working Mom Life
  9. Unicorn Activity Pack from Pat at Pica's Printables
  10. Homemade Play Dough Recipe from Amy Marohl at NeededInTheHome
  11. (Mini) Stori-Marketing from Emmanuel at Shameless and Free,
  12. Pause the ads: 10 Hacks to promoting your lead magnet with content from Emmanuel at Shameless and Free
  13. The Synergistic Life: Creating Your Perfect Balance from Andrea at Write.Speak.Relate
  14. Garden Journal Simplified from Alicia at Create My Garden
  15. Gratitude Journal for Moms from Sabina at Living to Follow the Light
  16. Free Ebook: 7 Ways to Stay Young at Heart from Shelley at Sensibly Shelley
  17. Coloring Pages from Celeste at Self Care Planner Co
  18. Spring Magnolias from Sue at Sujati Art Studio,,
  19. Arles Digital Life Planner from Jilanne at Soulful Planner
  20. 365 Self-Improvement Tips from Crystal at Sharing Life's Moments
  21. Chores and School Meetings? You got this! Toolkit from Melissa at Stunning Jade LLC
  22. You Are My Sunshine Gratitude Planner from Cousett at Techie Mamma
  23. Social Media Planner from Sue at MynuBeginning
  24. Joy Journal from Zuzana at Downloads Made by Mum
  25. Boho Rainbows Journal from Sarah at Plan With sMe
  26. My Happier Journey Journal from Martine at Redefine Your Edge
  27. 21-Day Positively Happy Journal from Lori at Touch of Organized
  28. Self Love Affirmation Cards from Catherine at Soul Care Mom
  29. BOUQUET 2023 DAILY PLANNER (Printable) from Kat at Planners By Kat
  30. 21 Day Positively Happy Journal from Charlene at Wellness with Charlene
  31. Seasonal Reset Journal Bundle from Petra at The Rebels Den LLC
  32. Seasonal Bucket List Toolkit from Tara at I Dream of Simple
  33. Mother’s Day Digital Journal from Linda at Funny Face Fiction LTD
  34. Your Book Bakery 12 Weeks to a Manuscript QuicksTART Guide from Jennifer at Your Book Bakery
  35. Love Yourself Affirmation Cards from Mikayla at Authentic Soul Society
  36. Fairy Garden Planner from Karie at Hey There Bliss
  37. 100 tips for exciting launch from Sue at MynuBeginning
  38. Mommy & Me Bible Study Journal (Digital Version) from Richie at Homeschool and Humor
  39. Spring Reflections & Goal Journal from Jackie at Active Mom Printables
  40. I Can – Affirmation Journal & Coloring Book from Rayven Monique at Abundability
  41. Heart Powered Success - 6-day Challenge from Joanna at Blissy Joy
  42. UX Design and Canva Training from Becky at Becky Beach Coaching
  43. 10 Encouraging Scripture Cards for Your Phone from Debbi at The Life We Share
  44. Spring has Sprung Digital Planner from Tawni at Always Doin Something
  45. Spring Journal Prompts & Boho Vintage Floral Journal pages from Ro at Boho Dragonfly Works
  46. Spring Happiness Stationery Bundle from Adeline at Ade's Choice
  47. Activating Bliss Meditation from Patricia Elizabeth at Integrated Soul Activations LLC
  48. Spring Brunch: Menus, Recipes and Kids' Activities Cookbook and Printables from the Breakfast Chef at Family Breakfast Recipes
  49. Lemonade Stand Banner from Misty at Life Between the Dishes
  50. A Merry Heart Coloring & Activity Sheets with Proverbs 17:22 from Stephanie at An Abiding Place
  51. Spring Reset Printables from Vee at C'est la Vee
  52. Fresh Start: Spring Cleaning for Mind, Body, & Soul from Pamela at 365 Living Well
  53. Celebrate Spring Phone Wallpapers from Thereze at Thereze Made This

Whew! That's quite the list!!!

If you can't stomach the idea of signing up over and over for all the products you want, Cecilie has created a Fast Track Pass at the teeny tiny price of only $9 which is worth its weight in GOLD considering all the time and energy you'll save.

When you purchase this pass, you'll get ALL of the products delivered in one single .zip file! You'll only need to sign up for the one course that’s inside the bundle. Isn't she a freaking genius???

The giveaway is on until March 19th. After that, if you don't grab the Fast Pass, you'll have until March 22nd to sign up for each individual product.


Chelsea from PLR Friends has come out with a brand new done-for-you Digital Recipe Book.

Carry your favorite recipes with you wherever you go. Keep up to 210 recipes organized on your tablet or iPad. Easy to use with any notetaking app such as GoodNotes. There are 230 fully hyperlinked pages. You also get 28 hand-drawn clipart not sold anywhere else.

You will receive:

  • Fully Editable PowerPoint File
  • Fully Editable Keynote File (for Mac users)
  • Ready to Use PDF File
  • 230 page fully hyperlinked
  • 28 Unique Clip-Art (drawn in-house)
  • Private Label Rights

Take $20 Off (Reg. $37) with code DIGITAL20 through Sunday March 19th.

BONUS - If you purchase Chelsea's planner, choose a regular bonus from my bonus page.


Liz Wilcox spoke earlier this week at The Rebel Boss Summit and her presentation was amazing!
She shared how much she made in 2022 from her membership, so you can see that she has a legion of happy members willing to throw money at her - and for good reason!

Right now, Liz is prepping for her annual sale of Email Marketing Membership from March 20-24th. That's where people stampede to grab a year of her low cost $9 membership and receive access to ALL her products for free!

If this is something you've been waiting for, you can head on over to Liz's site and sign up for her waitlist to get notified when the doors are open.

If you're struggling to connect to your audience, Liz's membership is a fantastic fit for any online business owner who finds email to be complicated, stressful, time consuming, or just don't know what to say.

Liz's membership caters to businesses of ALL kinds:

Bloggers + other content creators

Service providers of all kinds

Coaches + consultants in the corporate space


Photographers and other local businesses

If you're not sure, that you want to invest in a year outright, I suggest joining for $9 to see if you like her style. If she resonates, then upgrade when her annual sale goes live.


Not too late! Rayven just launched her companion membership, The Creators Club, which is a deeper dive into the eight Core Abundance areas of life (think love, money, adventure, health, etc.) This is an extension of her super awesome 1111 Club (her $11 a month membership about manifesting.)

The membership is increasing to $44 a month soon, but to celebrate, she's giving founding 1111 Club members a huge gift! If you join now, you can lock in your rate and you'll receive access to BOTH portals & support groups!

Join as a founding member and get everything you want in life FAST & finally get the Law of Attraction to work for you along with live coaching, Law of Attraction training, manifestation strategies, & community support.

Most coaches charge anywhere from $97 to $497 per month for this kind of access but you can join this club and create abundance for just $11.11/month.

Grab it here before the price goes up!


Michelle from PLR Niche has decided to put her whole site on sale for the entire month of March to celebrate Crafting Month.

She has a lot of excellent, totally unique planners so grab this deal for 50% off everything in her shop.

Sneaky hack: I noticed there are two ways to access her products. You can access her site via her shopping cart but if you check out her blog page, there are a lot more products included which aren't found in her cart, so you can find some neat things you wouldn't otherwise!

Some of my favourites:

Her What to Wear Planner PLR. Only $13.50 with coupon!

Her Gamer Journal PLR Planner (which she designed with her son.) $17.50 after discount.

Her Bird Watching Journal PLR Template. $18.50 after discount.

Michelle has also mentioned that one of her most popular planners is her Final Wishes Estate planner which you can pick up in a bundle.

Use the coupon code CRAFT50 as as many times as you want. The discount is available until March 31st at Midnight CST.

BONUS - For every $20 you spend after coupons have been applied and before taxes, grab a regular bonus from my bonus page.


Tracy and Susanne over at Piggy Makes Bank have announced they will close the doors to new members on March 31st and will not be reopening their doors again for the rest of the year.

If you are in need of done-for-you content and have been looking for simple ways to save time, each membership gives you:

30 new pieces of content (articles and blog posts),
30 customized email messages.
A full 6,000+ word eBook and worksheets to create paid products, lead magnets, blog posts, etc.

That's 30 Days of “Done for You” content EVERY MONTH to help you grow your list and inspire activity in your community. Build your list, grow your reach, and stop worrying about constant content creation.

Business Membership
This month's topic is "Launching a Home Based Business."

Self-Help Membership
This month's topic is "Training Your Subconscious Mind for Success."

Health & Wellness Membership
This month's topic is "How to Promote Body Positivity."

Each membership is $27/month. You can also opt for their Flex Pass Membership and get ALL of them for $47 a month.

There's also a Mini Membership for $20 a month where you'll receive a new set of five articles perfect in the self-help, business & health niches along with emails, social media posts, and graphics.

Just click on any of the memberships that sound interesting for more info.


Melanie Dougherty's for March has just dropped in her membership community, Club Pin! Don't let the Pin part of Club Pin throw you off. Yes, there are pins, but there's so much more!

Her new content pack includes:

1. Anger Guided Journal - Version 1

2. Anger Guided Journal - Bujo Design - Version 2

3. Pinterest Pin Templates

4. Square Product Marketing Images | Mockups

5. Walk Through Video with Customization Tutorials

All for just $10 per month AND it comes with commercial usage!

And if that wasn't enough, you'll also receive all the items shown in the photo below!

1. Manifestation Guided Journal

2. Manifestation Writing Prompts - Extension Pack

3. Pinterest Pins

4. Square Product Marketing Images | Mockups

5. Walk Through Video with Customization Tutorials

Mel has also added a yearly option to lock in your rate and save an extra 20% (and get two months FREE!)

Grab this fantastic membership while you can before Mel comes to her senses and raises her prices.

BONUS - Yes! Because I LOVE Mel, if you purchase her $10 monthly membership, choose a regular bonus. If you purchase the yearly option, choose three deluxe bonuses or a custom four panel art portrait. Check out all the options on my bonus page. You can also save your bonuses for a later date as mine do not expire. 💝


Cherina of Cherie La Vie Designs has just launched her Digital Seller's Success Club membership where she teaches how to sell gorgeous printables.

If you're struggling to make consistent sales in your printable shop, the cost is only $17 a month during the launch. However, if you join through my link, you'll save an additional $5 off the original price every month, making the cost only $12.

In the membership you'll receive monthly 3 day design challenges, live trainings on selling and marketing techniques, and access to over 200 templates made in Canva! With all of this you'll be able to design beautiful low content journals and other printable products with ease.

The goal of the Digital Seller's Success Club is to help you make consistent sales, stock your shop, and start building your email list.

Monthly membership you'll learn how to:

  • Save time designing so you can make profit making printables quickly
  • Use templates to create an endless amount of planners
  • Tips and tricks for selling consistently in your shop
  • Create a gorgeous freebie to bring more customers into your world.

You'll also receive her brand new workshop, Create a Digital Planner in Canva (regularly $17, for free)

Cherina shares all the tips and tricks she has learned to take an existing Canva planner template and turn it into a hyperlinked and tabbed digital planner.

You'll also learn how to bundle your new planners to help you boost sales in your shop.

Check out everything you receive in the membership!

BONUS - If you purchase the membership, choose a regular bonus from my bonus page. You can also hold onto your bonuses as my bonuses don't have an expiry date.


Jenn Brockman has an awesome Personal Needs Assessment Workbook with private label rights which is designed to help assess personal growth and development.

The workbook provides an easy-to-follow guide to help you create a comprehensive self-audit for yourself or for clients.

With plenty of space for reflections, this workbook will enable clarity and provide a roadmap to reach your goals.

This workbook includes 15 templates that will help you assess various aspects of your personal growth and development.

From identifying your strengths and weaknesses to setting goals and creating an action plan, this workbook will guide you through the process step-by-step.

The best part? It comes with private label rights so you can edit these templates with Canva's free account to make them truly your own. And with a size of 8.5 x 11 (US letter size), the workbook is easy to print and use whenever and wherever you need it.

Here's what you can expect to find in the Personal Needs Assessment Workbook:

• A comprehensive self-assessment questionnaire to identify your strengths and weaknesses.

• Goal-setting templates to help you create SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound) goals.

• Action plan templates to help you break down your goals into actionable steps.

• Reflection prompts to help you stay accountable and track your progress.

Whether you're looking to improve your personal relationships, advance your career, or simply become the best version of yourself, the Personal Needs Assessment Workbook can help you get there.

Right now, grab the Personal Needs Assessment Workbook at a special introductory price for a limited time.

Regularly $27 use Launch Code: NEEDmar gives to take 50% off until March 31st.

BONUS - If you purchase Jenn's workbook, choose a regular bonus from my bonus page.


Michelle Rohr and Maria Alejandra have teamed up to create the super gorgeous Pretty Email Kit.

If you're on Michelle's newsletter, you know receiving an email from her is like stepping into the pages of a magazine.

In our Planner Girl Insiders meetup last month, Michelle showed us how she makes STUNNING emails and our entire group were oohing and aahing over how beautiful they were.

I'm wondering if that's when she got the idea to create this kit. Michelle is an action taker and puts things into motion FAST which is one of the things I love about her.

If you're used to writing long, verbose, not-so-pretty walls of text (um, I feel personally attacked 🤣) you'll want to grab the Pretty Email Kit while it's on early bird pricing for only $48.

This kit is perfect for online business owners who want to uplevel and beautify their email newsletters. Inside, you'll find templates to create beautiful welcome emails that will leave an amazing first impression. You can promote everything from a course, your new podcast, YouTube videos, planners - even share with your audience what you've been up to lately.

You'll receive stunning Canva templates and Michelle and Maria will walk you through how to send emails that both you and your subscribers will LOVE, even if you don't have a huge audience.

BONUS: If you buy the Pretty Email Kit using my link, choose two deluxe bonuses from my bonus page.

NEW: FREE - Handwritten Font Bundle

NEW: FREE - The Crafter's Choice Bundle

Fantastic Monthly Memberships to Grow Your Biz:

Most of these memberships qualify for a bonus so check out the Bonus Key below!
To claim your bonus, please email me at with BONUS in the subject line.

Amy (Fruitful Freelancing) Low Content Intel Subscription - $19.95 mo/$195 yearly. (B/BZ30)

Angela Wills' Email Practice Club - $20/$200 yearly. (B/BZ30**)

Becky (PLR Beach) Business Beach Club Member and Pro Member - $29 or 99/month (DB/BZ30)

Britt Malka Email Hero Membership - $20/month/$200 yearly. (B/BZ40)

Cherina of Cherie La Vie Designs - Digital Seller's Success Club $12/month

D'vorah (Share Your Brilliance) Content Creation Club - $27/month (See above for deets!) (B)

Faith (Faith's Biz Academy) Canva Templates Vault - $9/month ($197 one-time fee) (BZ40)

Gabby (Cup of Zen) Spirit Animals Monthly Membership - $15/month

Julie Hall's KDP Creators Clu, $37/month (DB)

Katherine (Oasis Lane) Limitless Design Kits Membership $27/month (See above for deets!) (DB)

Leonie Dawson's Brilliant Biz + Life Academy $99/year. (See above for deets! - BZ30)

Liz Wilcox Email Marketing Membership - $9/month

Melanie (Bittyspire) Club Pin $10/month (See above for deets!) (B)

Melissa Rezza Cookie Jar - $24/mo (B)

Melody (PLR of the Month) Kitchen Sink PLUS $27/month (B)

Michelle (Secret Owl Society) Planner Girl Insider's Membership (Onetime fee for Lifetime access: $300 flat or $50 x 6 months.) (BZ30)

Mim Jenkinson's Create + Co-Work Club - $19/month

Lady Rayven's Abundability's 1111 Club - $11/month.

Sue (Createful Journals) Monthly Inspiration Templates & Journal Prompts $7/month

Sue (Createful Journals) Pretty Printables Club $10/month


B - A painting from my Etsy store with commercial use!
DB - A bonus from my
bonus page.
BZ30 - A 30 minute Intuitive Business Coaching Session* (*Check out some of my testimonials here.)
BZ40 - A
40 minute Intuitive Business Coaching Session*
BZ60 - A
60 minute Intuitive Business Coaching Session* ($300 flat fee option)

*All bonuses are one-time and not recurring.
**Please allow for payment to clear for any memberships that offer a refund policy. (ie: Angela Wills.)

Thanks so much for being part of my newly-blossoming list. I'll be back soon with more great offers, stories and special gifts just for you.

Happy Tales!

Lara xo

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Gabby's 2023 Dated Moon Calendar
Sue's Freebie Page
Carmen's Free Weekly Goal Planner Kit
Chelsea's Free Camping Sample Pack
Faith's Floral Planner for 2023

Creative Fabrica:

Creative Fabrica's $5 All Access Yearly Membership Deal
Creative Fabrica $1 Deals
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